Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mandy Anger Dorris, Marci Baird and Brittany Day
Courtney England, Heather Richardson

Kaussi and Sean Christensen Malstrom
Joe and Jenna Hansen, Emilie (Tullis) and Jarrod Schroepfer
Aaron Lambert, Dan Call and
Sam Foulger, Mandy Larsen, ?, Big Jeff, Brianne Prawitt and Andrea Hale

Heather Richardson, Jenni Black, Katie Nelson, Mikki Carlson, Lindy Call, Sarah Hansen and Melissa Grider

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Michael and Brinn said...

Thanks Heather for blogging the pictures. It's so fun to see everyone. Man, there were some I didn't recognize until I saw their name, sad how my memories failing me! Looked like a fun night, sad to have missed out! Brinn (Klein)King