Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ryan and Kelsey Anderson Hoskins, Marissa and Spencer Cundick.
Michelle Clark and Travis Gauchay
Ryan Haws, Liz Shore, Brady Warr and Travis Gauchay
The Wives...Aren't they great to come ?

Kelle and Jenny Bloomquist
Big Jeff, Jesse Winn
Cathy Medina and Renee Koegler
Jenny Castleberry, Jesse Winn, Laynae Stansworth, Natalie Galbraith and Aaron Wright
Kolby Jakeman, Diane Grimshaw, Jon Olsen and Matt Redding
Jenny Turcsanski, Janie and Jared Hart
Brody and Mindy Myrup
Andy Yeates
Heather Richardson, Mikki Carlson and Emilie Tullis
Bo Jensen and his wife...Sorry guys, I can't remember her name! :(
Joe and Jenna Hansen
Ryan Staker and Melissa Watrous Staker
Todd and Nicole Nelford Soelberg

Scott and Sarah Erickson...and their 7 week old baby!
Jenny Williams and Heather Cook
Brian Thurber and his girlfreind Ahren
Kolby Jakeman, Heather Cook, Kelly and Kristin Evans
Aaron and Kira Lambert
Kye and Natalie Bird Tanner, Sarah Hansen

Jon Hose and his girlfreind Melissa Elison
Mandy Anger Dorris, Marci Baird and Brittany Day
Courtney England, Heather Richardson

Kaussi and Sean Christensen Malstrom
Joe and Jenna Hansen, Emilie (Tullis) and Jarrod Schroepfer
Aaron Lambert, Dan Call and
Sam Foulger, Mandy Larsen, ?, Big Jeff, Brianne Prawitt and Andrea Hale

Heather Richardson, Jenni Black, Katie Nelson, Mikki Carlson, Lindy Call, Sarah Hansen and Melissa Grider

10 Years behind us...

Melissa Watrous and Ryan Staker, Lizzie Offret, Ricki Lander and Andy Yeates
Kolby Jakeman, Lanae Stansworth, Jenny Castleberry and Jeff Baich
Lanae Stansworth, Kolby Jakeman, Jenny Castleberry, Jared Amundsen and Heather Richardson
Janie and Jared Hart, Andrew and Jenny Turcsanski, Scott and Sarah Erickson, Kelsey and Ryan Hoskins
Travis Gauchay, Brian Thurber, Taylor May (where is your date, Sarita?) Melissa and Ahren.
Genny Sehy and Heather Richardson
Heather Richardson, Natalie Innes, Amiee Riggle, Sarah Hansen and Genny Sehy

Billy Gonzales and Joe Garcia
Renee Koegler, Cathy Medina, Jeff Baich, Kolby Jakeman and Erica Talley

Last night's event at Trio was so much fun! I hope you had as much fun as I did. It was so great to see everyone and catch up. We really tried hard to make it an event that everyone would enjoy. I would welcome your comments and thoughts about it if you would like to share.